To ensure all students feel valued for their miraculous minds as they are optimally supported in unlocking their true potential to become confident, lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Students will have a sense of purpose and mission to contribute to society, empowered with core knowledge, skills, and values to meet complex challenges in an ever-changing world. Knowing the value of hard work, these miraculous minds are destined for extraordinary things.

Our Values

  • Demonstrating commitment to each student’s growth
  • Celebrating individuality and embracing students of all identities
  • Being reflective, flexible, and innovative in our educational and therapeutic approaches
  • Promoting and modeling integrity, respect, and teamwork
  • Building a safe, inclusive, and positive community


Jaime Luu is an educational therapist, mother, and proud founder of MiraculousMinds. As a Master of Education with over ten years of teaching experience in both classroom and one-on-one settings, Jaime has had the privilege of working with individuals from Pre-K to college and adulthood. Her students have taught her that every individual wants to learn, and having the right skills can empower and ignite the desire for learning that extends beyond the classroom and deep into life. Jaime has built more than a company. She has created an entire community where individuals embrace their differences, rise to challenges, and feel good working hard. We can’t wait for you to join us and share in our collective journey of building confidence and a love of learning.

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