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Ignite a love and motivation for learning

Our Individualized Sessions...

Improve executive functioning skills

Academic success requires the ability to focus, organize, plan, and self-monitor. In addition to strengthening content knowledge, students learn the skills to manage tasks and responsibilities.

Increase motivation

Students gain the skills to be more capable and independent, resulting in a boost of motivation and confidence.

Strengthen foundational gaps

Learning is a process built on a strong foundation of prior knowledge. Each program identifies and strengthens foundational gaps to promote depth comprehension.

Are dynamic in design and evaluation process

Each program is customized to the student’s learning needs. Based on data collected, necessary adjustments are made with the content, delivery, and goals to ensure optimal session progress.

Step into a journey of self-discovery and growth! Nurture your motivation, close the gaps, and refine executive skills through our empowering process. Schedule now to unlock your child’s full potential and embrace a path filled with encouragement and support.

Services Offered

MiraculousMinds offers comprehensive programs to meet your child’s academic needs.

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Educational Therapy

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Kindergarten Success

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Online Education

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A brief phone discussion of the student’s needs and the services provided by MiraculousMinds.

Review of Records

An analysis of prior evaluations, sample work, standardized testing, and report cards.

Informal Assessment

An evaluation of processing skills in core academic domains to determine the student’s academic profile. Our assessment alone is an engaging learning experience. There is absolutely no pressure to perform a certain way because we simply want to see how your child learns.

Results Debrief

We review the results of the informal assessment and explain our customized program and relationship-based approach. We provide recommendations and establish a consistent schedule that works best for your family to meet your child’s academic goals.

Remediation Plan

A customized program is designed to hone in on strengths and treat academic deficits. Every session strengthens foundational weaknesses and equips your child with practical tools they can immediately use in their classroom and at home.

Success Stories

My son was always confident in math throughout elementary school but once entering the middle school, he struggled with math and it affected his self-esteem.

Jaime helped him fill in the crucial gaps that were missing from his elementary math and also made sure his foundation became stronger to take on the middle school math.

Jenny L.5th and 7th grade sons

Our three children were doing well in school, but they were not working toward their fullest potential. Their homework was sloppy, test results were fluctuating, and they couldn’t manage their workload.

With Mrs. Luu’s help, all of our concerns were addressed. Mrs. Luu is professional, on time and on task.

Farzad H.7th and 4th graders

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